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Association of California Community College Teacher Education Programs

"Inspiring and educating tomorrow's teachers."     


Goals and Objectives




Goal I.  Advocate for and promote the role of community colleges in teacher education.


     Objective 1: Identify guidelines for the development and operation of teacher education programs.


     Objective 2: Identify and promote exemplary practices in teacher education.


     Objective 3: Develop and sustain knowledge and awareness of teacher education programs with all existing and potential stakeholders.



Goal II.  Establish and maintain a credible and collaborative voice to contribute to statewide teacher education policy-making.


     Objective 1: Establish officers to represent ACCCTEP at statewide policy-making meetings to collect and disseminate critical data and policy related to Teacher Education.


     Objective 2: Document partnerships with all existing and potential stakeholders that support the viability and credibility of Teacher Education.



Goal III.  Develop and advance partnerships and pathways for community college teacher education.


     Objective 1: Expand ACCCTEP statewide to include other regional community college districts.


     Objective 2: Target statewide outreach efforts to increase visibility of teacher education programs.


     Objective 3: Promote exemplary practices for collaborating with all existing and potential stakeholders to streamline fieldwork opportunities and transfer options for students.


     Objective 4: Identify and promote exemplary practices for preparing future teachers through rigorous academic curricula and relevant fieldwork experiences.



Goal IV.  Strengthen and sustain highly effective community college teacher education programs through collaboration.


     Objective 1: Conduct research to identify exemplary practices of highly effective teacher education programs.


     Objective 2: Disseminate results of exemplary practices and model programs to all potential funding sources and stakeholders.


     Objective 3: Provide ongoing professional development through workshops, symposia, emerging best practices.



Goal V.   Promote the institutionalization of community college teacher education programs.


     Objective 1: Advocate for permanent district-based funding for teacher education.


     Objective 2: Align ACCCTEP' objectives for advocacy with the applicable National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs (NACCTEP) objectives. 


     Objective 3: Promote curriculum development (courses; degrees), articulation, transfer and student success in teacher education.


     Objective 4: Advocate for tracking systems that follow transfer students from the community college into credential programs, through the completion of their credential and into future employment.


     Objective 5: Nurture inter- and intra- institutional collaboration.